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4.7L H.O. Powertech V8 Explained

Chrysler's Powertech engine series is sometimes called the 'next generation' of the Magnum series. In fact, the Dodge marketing folks still used the 'Magnum' name for a time when describing the Powertech. The big pluses that the Powertech has over the Magnum are two spark plugs per cylinder, aluminum cylinder heads, plastic intake manifold, and single overhead camshafts. The Powertech could be found only in trucks. These were the Dodge Dakota, Durango, Nitro, and Ram, Jeep's Grand Cherokee, Liberty, and Commander, plus the Chrysler Aspen, and Mitsubishi Raider. The production run for the Powertech is from 1999-2013. There's very little aftermarket support for the 'next generation' engine, but with proper maintenance, like the Magnum, these will last forever.

Third, we have the 4.7L H.O. Powertech V8. The initials mean 'High Output' which was was rated at 265 hp and 330 ft/lbs of torque. To get this extra pulling force, a smattering of tricks were used. These were higher compression pistons, revised camshaft, cylinder heads and intake manifold. To top it off, the crankshaft was a forged piece and the engine bearings were made of even more durable yet materials. This engine was offered between 2002 and 2007.

Displacement= 4.7 Liters / 287 cubic inches
Bore x Stroke= 3.66" x 3.405"
Compression Ratio= 9.7:1
Firing Order= 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2

Fuel Induction= Sequential Multi-port Fuel Injection (SMFI)

Valvetain Arrangement=
Single Overhead Camshafts
16 valves in total

Stock Camshaft Specs=
244 degrees duration intake / 254 degrees duration exhaust
.472" lift intake / .429" lift exhaust

Factory Availability=
'07-'08 Dodge Dakota
'07-'08 Dodge Ram 1500
'02-'04 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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